Building permits in Bali

This is the most discussed subject by foreigners who wants to invest in building their own property. This article will explain to you how the process works regarding obtaining a building permit in Bali. Please be aware that each regency in Bali has different government rules in processing building permits. Just like on Denpasar regency has different goverment rule to process the building permit.

The building permit in our country is called IMB ( Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan ) Herewith we give you the building permit process in Badung regency in bali - Indonesia, . . .

  1. Visit the UPT ( Dinas Urusan Pelayanan Terpadu ) in order to ask for the Building Permit Form.
  2. Make The building permit Drawing, just follow the government standard drawing.
  3. Fill in the form and find the neighborhood signature, on the left side, right side, back side and front side ( usually on the front side is Road =  no need to find the signature )
  4. Find chief of Banjar district signature, chief of Desa district signature, and Sub head of government office on district signature.
  5. Discuss The building permit drawing to the government staff office, and need to sign as approval drawing.
  6. When the building permit drawing approve and apply building permit documents to the Cipta Karya ( government office for building department )
  7. Next step is wait for site inspection from government office. The government office will call you.
  8. When the site inspection is approved, the government office staff will call you in order to do the payment based on their table chart.
  9. The developer goes to the government office administration department in order to do the payment of the building permit, and after that the developer has to wait for the IMB plate to be issued maybe one or two weeks later.
  10. When you have received your IMB plate and IMB documents you can start building. Now you are sure of a safe legal situation.

If you have any questions regarding building permits in Bali please contact BaliDreamHouse for more information.


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