Villa Rental Information


Renting a long term rental villa in Bali is done by paying in advance. It is common that the rent of a

property is paid at the start of the yearly rental period

In exceptional cases owner could be willing to accept 2 payments of 6 months periods.

In this case you will be asked to pay the second period of 6 months 4 months after the starting period.


If you or BaliDreamHouse made a selection of preferred villas we schedule an appointment to visit these

properties with you. You can contact us by email and phone (WhatsApp)

Our email address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our main phone number:+62 819 343 325 01 (WhatsApp)

Our second phone number:+62 821 475 651 50 (WhatsApp)



Villas listed on the BaliDreamHouse website are mostly available for yearly (12 months or more) rental only.


Please let us know your requirements regarding a long term rental villa so we are able to create a selection of

interesting villas for you. Requirements such as for example preferred location(s), number of bedrooms, furnished

y/n, maximum yearly rental budget, preferred starting date and would you like an open or a closable living room.


We will make an appointment and pick you up by car from the location where you are staying. In general we meet

close to where your preferred villas are located to minimize traveling time.


After you selected the villas you prefer to visit we will again check the availability of these villas. Villas available today

can be rented out tomorrow. Around 2.000 houses and villas are listed on the BaliDReamHouse website and hopefully

you understand that it's impossible to check them out every day.