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Choose your new Long Term Rental Villa

For most people, choosing a new rental home is a big financial decision. There are many complicated decisions involved in

choosing your new home. To protect your interests and assure that you make the best possible decisions, it's important that

you have an Trusted Real Estate Agent on your side who is an expert in the Bali  Real Estate market.

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As your Property Agent, our focus is on getting you the best possible Yearly Rental Villa at the best possible price. We will

work hard not only in finding you potential new homes to see, but also in keeping you informed of everything that takes place.

As your agent and a top expert in the local Long Term Villa Rental market, we will negotiate the best prices and terms for you

and answer all of your questions as they arise. We will be representing you, not the owner. This assures that our experience

and expertise in the Bali Yearly Rental market will be used in your best interests during the negotiation process.

As your agent, we will:

Assure that you see all the Yearly Rental Properties in the area that meet your criteria. Not just those listed on the

BaliDreamHouse website, but also many un-listed properties that we find through our local contacts and affiliations.


We make sure you don't pay too much for your new home. As Bali Property experts in this area, we help people negotiate

and make home rental decisions every day. We can help you avoid costly mistakes. Find answers to all of your questions

regarding the local Bali Yearly Rental market area. Not just about homes for rent, but also about schools, neighborhoods,

the Bali economy and more.


Let us help you find your Dream Home and be assured that your best interests are protected throughout the entire process.


Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions you may have at any time. 

BaliDreamHouse commits to the following responsibilities:

Dealing honestly and fairly




Full disclosure

Accounting for all funds

Skill, care and diligence in the transaction

Presenting all offers and counteroffers in a timely manner

Disclosing all known facts that materially affect the value of the residential real property

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