About BaliDreamHouse


Long Term Villa Rental Services


BaliDreamHouse is operated by a dedicated professional team of Property Agents agents who live in and service

the Bali area and are specialized in Long Term Rental Villas. Our highly experienced staff can assist you through the often

difficult process of finding your Long Term Rental Villa in Bali. We may say that we are one of the most successful

Yearly Villa Rental teams in Bali. BaliDreamHouse is part of PT Surya Griya Rahayu registered and located in Jakarta.

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The BaliDreamHouse website will provide you with detailed information about the finest villas on the Bali Long Term

Rental market that meet your criteria and we will be there the whole time to assist you during your Long Term Renting



The Owners

Many Long Term Rental properties are coming available as owners decide to look for a new home and for a number of

possible reasons including wanting to move up in size, move down in size, wanting a home closer to the sea or closer to


BaliDreamHouse is an established Professional Real Estate agent that markets these Long Term Rental villas for the owners.

The use of a Professional Bali Property Agent eliminates these concerns for the renter. Our BaliDreamHouse team can market

the villa to the widest possible market in a professional and confidential manner. The database on our website is viewed by thousands of people

looking for Long Term Rental Villas around the world and continues to be at the top of the rankings of websites renting out Long Term Villas

in Bali.

Our Renters

We treat each of our clients with utmost respect and courtesy which they deserve. By engaging the services of BaliDreamHouse

a long term renter has access to a very large inventory of long term rental villas around the entire area of Bali. In addition, the

renter has access to our network of professionals including if neccessary Notaries, Lawyers and Accountants.

We work together with the villa owners to find the best possible match for the renters requirements.

Once a Long Term Rental Villa has been chosen, the renter is helped through the process of obtaining the rental agreement in

their name.

Not only are we there during the whole process from inspecting the villa till closing the deal but also during the stay in your new

rental home.